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Professional water stabilizer

Pei-Chun Technology is one of the earliest and leading water treatment agent-specific suppliers. We are accredited to ISO 9001: 2008 and strictly follow ISO 14000: 2008. PAM is our main business and  SC-5200, 2250, 4000, 3450 series enjoy the greatest popularity in the market.  

As an expert in water treatment, Pei-Chun Technology has rich and mature technological solutions. The series of products and system solutions developed by us are widely used in industrial water, circulating water, boiler water, municipal sewage, reverse osmosis system, waste leachate, and river sludge treatment.

Water treatment solutions expert

The engineers from Peichun Technology provide the best-individualized solutions appropriate for the varied and problems brought to us by our customers. From planning to implementation, we happily assist clients throughout the entire process.

Professional after-sales service
Pei Chun

     Shanghai Pei-Chun Technology Development Co., Ltd was founded in 1998. It's located in Shanghai, is one of the earliest and largest water treatment agent suppliers in China, is a strong leader of the industry. During 20 years of development, the company has created complete and high-quality product lines. Our series products have received a positive appraisal from customers. As an expert in water treatment, Pei-Chun has rich and mature solutions.

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Professional water stabilizer supplier, Water treatment solutions expert, Professional after-sales service
2. Water Treatment Solutions
                                         Basic application of water treatment solutions                                    Industrial water, boiler water, reverse osmosis, circulating water treatment                              Industrial wastewater, solid-liquid leachate, sludge dewatering treatment                      Industrial equipment, filter element, metering pump, automatic dosing equipment              Boiler and circulating water cooling system water treatment solutions     Minig and mineral processing industrial water treatment solutions Agriculture system water treatment solutions
1. Water Stabilizers
SC-100 series chemical cleaning & prefilm agent     SC-200 series organic phosphonic products         SC-300 series corrosion and scale inhibitor           SC-400 series polycarboxylic acid dispersible products              SC-600 series boiler water treatment compound               SC-900 series biocides
              SC-1000 series aluminium ammonium sulfate (ammonium alum)
5. Dust Preventive for City
strong connection, strong permeability, non-pollutive fast, highly durable, water saving, power reducing
Aluminium ammonium sulfate (ammonium alum)  
Aluminum dephosphoriization and denitrofication agent
High efficiency decolorizing flocculant Polyamine series products Scale inhibitor/ dispersant/ process agent Defoamer series products
4. Special Featured Products
6. Polymeric Flocculant
    high-purity PAC COD remover series PDTC series PDADMA series
3. Industrial Products
                                 SC-1250 series polymeric flocculant     
                           SC-2250 series polymeric flocculant                                                  SC-5912 series polymeric flocculant
    SCFL series special flocculant for slime water
   SC400 series special flocculant for red mud
SCBK series special flocculant for frame filter
SCVM series with strong shearing resistance
          SCKS series  for fast slurry resistance
          Glue series high-performance deoiling
        3450 series for phosphoric acid industry
                 Polymerized aliphatic acid salt series
Peichun Technology provides various products

      Throughout its 20 years development, Peichun Technology has accumulated rich experience and diverse, advanced methods to best assist clients in industrial water treatment. As one of the earliest and leading water treatment agent suppliers, our company boasts some of the most complete and innovative product lines in the industry. The series products have been widely sold both domestically and abroad. As an expert in water treatment, Peichun Technology has developed advanced technological solutions and mature, comprehensive professional after-sales services.

Peichun Technology provides service as follows:
In-process treatment/separation tech.
       suspended solid removal
       organics removal        liquid/oil and solid separation        filter aid        desilting        tunneling        soil remediation        water and soil erosion        sterilizing        washing and rinsing        red mud flocculation        clay processing        demulsification        feces control        cement and concrete additive        methane process strengthening        caking inhibition        rheology control
Raw water treatment
       suspengded solid removal        organics removal        decoloring control        sterilizing        filter aid        metallic element removal        PH control        sludge control
Sewage treatment
       Suspended solid removal
       Organics removal
       Nutrient reducing
       Color control
       Biological support
       Filter aid
       Metallic element removal
       Odour control
       PH control
       Sludge control
       Bulking sludge and foam control
Industrial circulating cooling
               Scale inhibitor
               Cleaning agent
               PH control
               RO Water
               Filter element
               Filter membrane
               Polishing resin
                 Equipment                Centrifuge             
               Metering pump
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