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Pei Chun Technology

Pei Chun Technology

About Us

   Shanghai Peichun Technology Development Co,.Ltd is located in Jiading District, Shanghai, and is one of the earliest and leading water treatment agent suppliers. PAM and Aluminium Ammonium Sulfate (Ammonium alum) is our main business, which is utilized in two-dimensional separation systems such as tap water treatment, sewage treatment, tanning, beneficiation, hydrometallurgy, wet-process phosphoric acid, papermaking, and the petroleum industry.

   Our company has independent laboratories, reliable experimental data, standard evaluation indicators, diverse and advanced technology, and experienced engineering teams. We strictly follow the standard rules; from raw materials to production, inspection, and transportation. Peichun Technology makes suitable products and solutions for our clients according to their equipment and processing technology. We are committed to long-term cooperation. The idea “Dynamic management, To customize” has won great approval from our clients. After 20 years of development, our company has developed various product series due to the combination of advanced technology with the efficient production technics and management. The SC-5200, 2250, 4000, 3450 series are among our most popular products. We conduct business all throughout the world, and have maintained long-term cooperation with many transnational corporations and well-known listed enterprises.

   As an expert in water treatment, Peichun Technology has rich and mature technological solutions that are widely used in industrial water treatment, circulating water treatment, boiler water treatment, municipal sewage treatment, reverse osmosis system, waste leachate treatment, and sludge treatment.

   Our “professional technology and excellent service” is always with you!

Pei Chun Technology

Pei Chun Technology

Our Advantage

Professional water stabilizer supplier
Pei-Chun Technology is one of the earliest and leading water treatment agent-specific suppliers. We are accredited to ISO 9001: 2008 and strictly follow ISO 14000: 2008. PAM is our main business and  SC-5200, 2250, 4000, 3450 series enjoy the greatest popularity in the market.  
As an expert in water treatment, Pei-Chun Technology has rich and mature technological solutions. The series of products and system solutions developed by us are widely used in industrial water, circulating water, boiler water, municipal sewage, reverse osmosis system, waste leachate, and river sludge treatment.

Water treatment solutions expert

The engineers from Peichun Technology provide the best-individualized solutions appropriate for the varied and problems brought to us by our customers. From planning to implementation, we happily assist clients throughout the entire process.

Professional after-sales service

Pei Chun Technology

Pei Chun Technology

Our development history and honor

In 2005, the Shanghai Association of Science and Technology Enterprises issued a certificate of scientific and technological enterprise qualification, Specializing in water treatment agents and equipment.
2012 Shanghai Songjiang District People's Government Advanced Enterprise
Established Shanghai Pei Chun Technology Development Co., Ltd in 2000
  Passed ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification
“Pei Chun”
trademark registration certificate
In 2017, Shanghai PeiChun Technology Development Co., Ltd is National aluminum salt and iron salt governing unit
In 2019, the company actively responded to the national"one belt and one road" policy, implemented the PeiChun Technology Overseas Business Department, and stepped out of the international road of "water treatment agent supplier and water treatment solution export"!
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