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Featured Products of PeiChun Technology

   Shanghai PeiChun Technology Development Co, Ltd was located in the Jiading District of Shanghai, and is one of the earliest water treatment agent suppliers in China, and is a strong leader of the industry.

    As an expert in water treatment, PeiChun technology has rich and mature technological solutions. We are accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and strictly follow ISO 14000. The series products and system solution developed by us are widely used in industrial water treatment, circulating water treatment, boiler water treatment, municipal sewage treatment reverse osmosis system, waste leachate treatment, and river sludge treatment.

   Special Featured Products of PeiChun Technology: Aluminium Ammonium Sulfate (Ammonium alum); Aluminum dephosphorization and denitrification agent; High-efficiency decolorizing flocculant; Polyamine series products; Scale inhibitor/dispersant/process agent; Defoamer series products

Aluminium Ammonium Sulfate

    Ammonium aluminum sulfate (ammonium alum)

    Molecular formula: NH4Al(SO4)2·12H2O

    Properties: colorless glassy octagonal crystal to white granules or powder, odorless and slightly sweet, with strong astringency.

    Packing: 25kg/bag; 50kg/bag; 25kg/bag (Hardcover)

    Uses: sea otter flooding, fruit and vegetable preservation and crispness, color protection, water purification, disinfection, rubber processing, tanning, washing powder processing, feed processing, pencil making, paper making, paper mill sewage treatment, leather factory sewage treatment.

    Features: high whiteness, high fineness, high content, long time without agglomeration, providing convenience for users to make and process.

    Executive Standard: This product implements the latest standard HG2917-1999

Aluminum dephosphorization and denitrification

    Dephosphorization and denitrification agent is a new chemical product created by PeiChun technology. It is a polyhydroxy, multicomplex cationic inorganic polymer product as the core of aluminum ion. It contains Al3+, OH-, SO42-, Mg2+, Cl- and their complex.

    Expiration date: 6 months(liquid), 12 months(solid)

    Packing: plastic bucket or tank car(liquid), plastic woven bag(solid)

High-efficiency decolorizing flocculant

    This product is special for colored wastewater. It is a quaternary ammonium type cationic polymer compound with functions of decoloration, flocculation and COD removal.

    Application range: it is mainly used in decoloration of high color wastewater from dye plant. It can be used in active, acidic and disperse dye wastewater treatment. It can also be used in textile, dyeing, pigment, printing ink and papermaking industries wastewater treatment. In addition, it can be used as reinforcing agent, sizing agent and charge neutralizer in papermaking industry.

    Storage and packing: It is Non-hazardous chemicals and better to store at room temperature rather than exposure in the sun. It is packed in 25kg, 50kg or 250kg plastic buckets and 1000kg IBC.

Polyacrylamide series products

    The polyacrylamide series products produced by us have different molecular weight, which can meet the needs of different occasions.

    Advantages: wide range of molecular weight, easily dissolved, convenient dosing, wide PH range.

    Application areas:

1.Air flotation: it can improve the efficiency significantly and reduce the percentage of the solid.

2.Filtration: improve the quality of the water and efficiency of the filter.

3.Concentration: it can improve the efficiency of concentration and accelerate the sedimentation rate.

4.Purification: it can decrease the SS and turbidity, which improve the water quality.

5.It can improve the efficiency significantly in some industrial process.

Scale inhibitor/dispersant/process agent series

    These products have different charges and molecular weight which can meet the needs of different water.

Application area: industrial water treatment process which needs to control the scale. Used as industrial additives where needs to control the rheological property and annual control.

Defoamer series products

    The liquid such as water plays an important role in many industrial process. The foam will affect production process. Sometimes may even stop the process. In addition, the foam will influence the production efficiency and products quality. The defoamer series products produced by us are used in different water treatment industries, which can prevent the foam from forming. It can also be used as in other industries playing the same role. The defoamer series products can meet the needs of different industries. The dosage is around 1-50ppm which depends on the different occasions. It can be used after diluting. It is recommended to store in an airtight container where is lower than 40℃.

    Application area: papermaking industry, chemical plant, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, biotechnology, sewage treatment and mining industry.

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