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Industrial Products of PeiChun Technology

      Shanghai Peichun Technology Development Co,.Ltd locates in Jiading District, Shanghai, which is one of the earliest and leading water treatment agent suppliers. We are accredited to ISO 9001 and strictly follow ISO 14001.         As an expert in water treatment, Peichun Technology has rich and mature technological solutions that are widely used in industrial water treatment, circulating water treatment, boiler water treatment, municipal sewage treatment, reverse osmosis system, waste leachate treatment, and sludge treatment, etc.
     Industrial Products of Peichun Technology: Coagulant series (high-purity PAC), COD remover series, PDTC series, PDADMA series
Coagulant series (high-purity PAC)

        PAC is a high-efficiency purifying agent, which is widely used in purification of in tap water, industrial water, industrial circulating water, pharmaceutical industry, papermaking industry and printing and dyeing mill. It has the advantages of little dosing, low cost and high-efficiency stability. PAC is non-toxic, tasteless and soluble in water. The liquid product is yellow or colorless. The solid product is resinoid white powder, moisture absorption easily.

        Product code: KL-11, SC-PAC

        The products produced by us have the advantages of less in purity, high molecular weight and good performance in flocculation. K-11 is mainly used in drinking water and other high-quality requirement water treatment. SC-PAC is mainly used in industrial water, industrial wastewater and municipal sewage treatment.

        Package, transportation and storage:

1. The solid PAC is packed in 25kg woven bag. The liquid products is transported with tanks cars or drums as the customer required.

2. The liquid products can be stored for a year and the solid can be 2 years. The solid products should be stored in the dry ventilated places to avoid the moisture absorption.

3. The liquid products have corrosivity, which should be stored in corrosion resistant tanks.

4. The products should not be stored with other toxic and corrosible chemicals.

COD remover series

        This product is a series of compounds. It is combined with catalyst, penetrant and oxidant according to a certain formula. It can be used in COD treatment in all kinds of industries. This COD remover is suitable for small sewage facilities and non-biochemical facilities. The cost is more than 100yuan/t. The properties and effect are affected by the chemical structure. It is soluble in water. The aqueous solution has viscidity in certain concentration. When used with our demulsifier, it is widely used in oily sewage treatment. It has the advantages of fast reaction, wide spectrum and strong chelation. It shows a great performance in COD removal. The best removal rate could be 98%.

        Usage: it has three steps in COD removal. 1. Catalytic oxidation. 2. Medium stabilization. 3. Sweep and capture. The solution needs clarification before treatment. If it is oily sewage, the oil needs to be removed. If it is emulsion sewage, it needs demulsification. So the cost can be reduced significantly. This product can be used after dissolving. It doesn’t have special requirement for the water quality. The tap water also will do. If using the industrial recycle water, high hardness will influence the effect.

PDTC series

        It shows great performance in the following sewage treatment: photo industry, solvent burning, automobile industry, printing plant, chemical industry, leather factory, power plant, steel industry, electroplating industry, metal factory, smelting of non-ferrous metals, electronic industry and waste incineration plant.

        Usage: when there is no soluble compounds, METALSORB FZ can form complexing precipitation in the water with PH3-10. The coagulant and anionic flocculant can be added to increase the size of the flocculation if necessary. In some special occasions, the cationic polymer also can be used when the heavy metal ions are in the water as compounds such as citrate. We can provide the technical support needed. If there is a strict effluent standard, an excess amount of METALSORB FZ should be used. Afterwards, the rest of the METALSORB FZ can be absorbed by activated carbon.

PDADMA series

        These products have different molecular weight which can meet the needs of different water.

        Advantages: wide range of molecular weight, easily dissolved, convenient dosing, wide PH range.

        Application areas:

1. Air flotation: it can improve the efficiency significantly and reduce the percentage of the solid.

2. Filtration: improve the quality of the water and efficiency of the filter.

3. Concentration: it can improve the efficiency of concentration and accelerate the sedimentation rate.

4. Purification: it can decrease the SS and turbidity, which improve the water quality.

5. It can improve the efficiency significantly in some industrial process.

        Health and safety: it can be touched by skin and eyes. It is recommended to wear the rubber gloves, goggles and work clothes. It shows nontoxic in the animal test.

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