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5. SC-305 series   scale and corrosion inhibitor

Issuing time:2019-04-08 20:10

SC-305 is developed for converter gas washing water in the steel works. The carbonate from circulating cooling water won’t be formed on the surface of the heat exchangers because SC-305 can prevent the small particles from growing and distort the lattice.

(1) Properties:

It has a wide range of PH, which can be used in PH between 7.0-11.0, so it simplify the industrial process and solve the problems cause by PH out of control such as corrosion and scaling, etc. the limited carbonate hardness is up to about 13.6mmol which shows a great performance.

(2) Application:

Especially for converter gas washing and coordinating with SC-304. The dosage is between 3 to 10 ppm.

(3) Specification:


Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid





organophosphorus(by PO3-4), %


The content of phosphite (by PO3-3), %


The content of phosphate (by PO3-4), %


(4) Usage:

Continuously added to the outlet of circulating water pump.

(5) Packing and storage:

Packed in 25kg plastic bucket. It can be stored for 2 years.

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