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1. SC-101 (QX511SC) cleaning & prefilming agent

Issuing time:1998-01-01 19:44

SC-101(QX511SC) cleaning & prefilming agent that can clean and prefilm at the same time, which simplifies the process of in the system. It can be compared with NALCO’s MALIREP330.

(1) Properties:

Mixture of polyphosphates and nonionic surfactants, soluble in water. It can remove organics, rust, and calcium scale in the heat exchange equipment quickly, which makes the surface of the metal active and forms a uniform corrosion protective film on the surface. The film looks uniform with a thickness of 5000-7000Å after characterized by photoelectron spectroscopy. Therefore, it can not only be used as cleaner, but also can form a strong corrosion protective film on the surface.

(2) Application:

Circulating cooling water, pipes for oil pipelines, heat exchanger, cleaning & prefilming, and ferrous metal, especially in refinery cleaning and non-stopped car cleaning.

(3) Usage:

Dissolve the product to 800-1000ppm, then adjust the pH to 3-4 and add SC-108 deformer to 100-200ppm coming with 48h cold running. Again adjust the pH to 6-6.5 and discharge to the content of inorganic phosphate less than 100ppm after 48h cold running. The pH can be down to 2-3 when the system has terrible rust and calcium scale. The content of inorganic phosphate should be lower than 350ppm (by PO3- 4) when the water temperature is lower than 27℃. It should be lower than 280ppm (by PO3- 4) when the water temperature is between 27-32℃.

(4) Specification:


White or pale yellow paste



the content of inorganic phosphate


(5) Packing and storage:

The product is packed in 50kg wide mouth plastic bucket or woven bag with lined plastic bag. It can be stored for 2 years in a dry, well ventilated place. If there is layering, shake it before using. This will not affect usage effects.

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