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2. SC-106 (HS211SC) prefilming agent

Issuing time:2019-04-08 19:46


It is a mixture of polyphosphates and zinc salt, which can be compared with S-204 from Kurita. The corrosion protective film can be formed in the water solution on the surface of the carbon steel in a short time. It can also be used together with acrylic copolymer and gives good results after testing. The moisture absorption and caking chemicals, the dissolution rate would be effected.

(2) Usage:


PH 6.0-7.0

Basic dosing treatment(prefilming)

SC-106 200ppm, 12-24h room temperature

Normal treatment

SC-106 20ppm, SC-303 25ppm, PH 7.0-8.0

(3) Application:

It can be used in heat exchanger (carbon steel and stainless steel) in circulating cooling system and oil pipelines for prefilming, which enhances the effect of corrosion prevention.

(4) Specification:


White powder



Content of inorganic phosphate(by PO3-4), %


Content of Zinc salt(Zn2+), %


Content of insoluble substance, %


(5) Packing and Storage:

The product is packed in a 25kg wide plastic bucket. And can be stored for 2 years in a dry, well ventilated place.

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