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3. SC-108 (QT111SC) organosilicon defoamer.

Issuing time:2019-04-08 19:47

(1) Properties:

(a) Different from other organics in chemical structure. Because it is nonpolar, it won’t be associated with water, polar groups, hydrocarbon or alkyl.

(b) Quite stable, so it won’t react with foaming substances.

(c) Because of good heat resistance and chemical resistance, it can be used in high temperature and acid or alkaline media.

(d) Has fire resistant properties. It is nontoxic so it can be used in food and the medical industry. It is a legal food anti-foam additive in England, USA and Japan.

(2) Specification:


Milky white liquid





(3) Usage:

(a) Can be sprayed on the foam (which is called defoaming) or added into the foaming medium before foaming (which is called foam inhibition).

(b) Using between -3-130℃, 50-100ppm

(4) Notice:

Is oil-in-water emulsive and can be stored for a long time. When there is layering, shake it before using (will not affect usage).

(5) Packing and Storage:

Can be stored for 1 year in 25kg plastic bucket.

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