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2. SC-202 (ZF112SC) Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid (ATMPA)

Issuing time:1998-08-06 19:55


299.0, N(CH2PO3H2)3

(2) properties:

it is miscible with water. low toxicity and high stability. It shows excellent calcium carbonate scale inhibition when it is lower than 200℃, because complex would be formed with metal ions such as Fe3+,Cu2+,Al3+,Zn2+,etc. and it shows better corrosion inhibition when the dosage is lower than 40ppm.

(3) specification:


Colorless or light yellow liquid

The content of ATMPA


The content of phosphorous acid(by PO3-3)


The content of phosphoric acid(by PO3-4)


The content of chloride(by Cl-)






Chelating value (mgCaCO3/g)


(4) application:

It can be used as scale inhibitor for cooling system, waterline and boiler, especially for the oil pipelines which have the rigidity, high salinity and poor water quality.

(5)packing and storage:

Packed in 25kg plastic bucket. It can be stored for 2 years.

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