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2. SC-302 series   organic corrosion and scale inhibitor

Issuing time:2019-04-08 20:08

(1) Properties:

This product is a multi-functional composite water stabilizer. It has no heavy metal ions, low phosphorous content, high stability and good intermiscibility with common bactericidal and algicide. There is no need to adjust the PH when the circulating cooling water is running. It can also run in a alkaline condition and only the content of total phosphorus is needed which is easier. It is easy to control and dose in industry.

(2) Specification:

Solid content, %


The content of HEDP, %






Benzotriazole, %


The content of phosphite (by PO3-3), %


The content of orthophosphate (by PO3-4), %


(3) Application:

This product can be used as dispersant, corrosion and scale inhibitor in circulating cooling water system with high hardness and high basicity. It can control the scaling, corrosion and dirt deposition of the heat exchanger. It applies in circulating cooling water system of petroleum industry, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer industry, steel industry and refining industry, etc.

(4) Conditions:

a) PH7.5-9.3

b) Calcium hardness(by Ca2+) 40-200ppm

c) M basicity+ Calcium hardness(by CaCO3)300-900ppm

d) SiO2 <30ppm

e) Cl-+SO42- <1000ppm

f) Turbidity <20NTU

g) Residence time <300h

h) Concentration 50-80ppm

(5) Packing and storage:

Packed in 25kg plastic bucket. It can be stored for one year.

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