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4.  SC-404 (ZF321SC) Acrylic aicd/AMPS/Hydroxypropyl acrylate Terpolymer

Issuing time:2019-04-08 20:14

It is our new product recently which has following properties:

a) It shows better performance in calcium phosphate scale inhibition compare with other sulfonic acid copolymers such as MAS.

b) It can be compounded with zinc chloride around to 10%, and there is no sediment in high PH and high basicity solutions.

c) It can take place of T-225 and other sulfonic acid copolymers and be compounded to S-113, which would increase the inhibition rate to carbon steel when using in medium hardness water together with zinc salt.

(1) Formula:


(2) Properties:

(3) It is soluble in water. It shows good performance in dispersing iron, zinc, hydroxide and calcium phosphate when it is in alkali aqueous solution. Because of the sulfonic acid group it increases the solubility of carbonate in high calcium solution.

(4) Usage:

When it is used in prefilming and as a dispersant for iron sesquioxide, the dosage is 80-100mg/L. the normal dosage is 10-30mg/L and it can be used in combination with zinc salt and organic phosphates in condition of PH7.0-9.5.

(5) Specification:


Colorless or light yellow viscous liquid

Solid content, %


Monomer content


Limiting viscosity(30℃)






(6) Application:

It can prevent the ferric oxide and silt in cooling water from deposing. It can also be used as scale and corrosion inhibition in high basicity circulating cooling water when compounded with organic phosphates and zinc.

(7) Packing and storage:

Packed in 25kg plastic bucket. It can be stored for one year.

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